The technology landscape changes every 18 months. We make it our business to keep up with constant innovation and to identify trending technology. Equally important, we have the experience to recognize technologies that have long–term value versus those that are gimmicky.

Most small businesses lack the IT talent they need to grow. They are trapped by outmoded technology.

Cloud Services

If your organization is growing or wants to grow, you need the infrastructure to do so. Most small businesses make the mistake of investing in the technology they need today without thinking about the technology they may need tomorrow. They wind up stuck with expensive legacy systems that cannot scale to meet new challenges. can help you avoid this trap, even if you can only afford to piece together your system over time. Technologies like cloud services make it much easier to build an affordable infrastructure that will grow as you do.

Technology can help you be more competitive by improving business processes and customer relationships. can guide you.

Business Services has spent the last 16 years helping countless wholesalers and retailers, professional and service providers, manufacturers, medical groups, and other small businesses make the most of technology. We have pragmatic experience in improving things like backend processes, communications, bookkeeping and collections, and customer service management. We can map a plan that upgrades your business IT in increments, instead of a massive and expensive overhaul.

In other words, we translate business problems into IT solutions

Managed IT Services

Our team of certified IT professionals can take charge of managing your day–to–day technology operations. This includes making sure your network is always up and running smoothly, that your data is always backed up and secure, that software versions are always up–to–date, and hardware is always performing reliably. Managed IT services also include ongoing, unlimited technical support for your employees, whether they need to access their email on the road or have forgotten a password. Our help desk is available on an unlimited basis.

We monitor your IT system to detect and solve problems quickly.

On-Demand Services

We offer on–demand support for small businesses with flexible plan and per–incident fee options. On–demand services include computer or server set up, repair, upgrades, networking, backup, data migrations, virus removal, and more. We provide both Windows and Mac support. We also support Apple and Android mobile devices. On–demand support can be on–site, via remote desktop, or by pickup and delivery.

Our per–incident support services are an affordable and practical IT solution for businesses with less than five employees.

Developer Services

We have skilled website and app developers who can create a mobile–friendly, custom online presence for your business or e–commerce store. Website platforms include Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and OpenCart. We not only build websites, we maintain them and offer fast, affordable hosting. More than 50% of customers use smartphones to find local businesses, so we build mobile iOS and Android apps. Need help with Internet marketing? We do that too.

Most small businesses do not have a mobile website, even though the majority of customers expect them to.