3Wong.com is an information technology (IT) company built from the ground up for small businesses. We do anything and everything tech–related. Unlike other IT solution providers, we work the way you need us to. Some companies call us once or twice a year to repair hardware, remove malware, or do other IT housekeeping tasks. Other companies ask us to work within their organizations as outsourced members of their IT teams. We can be your help desk, build your website, create your inventory system, and more.

The truth is, IT covers a lot of ground. 3Wong.com always has you covered, whatever your IT needs may be today and in the future.

Computer Repairs, Upgrades, and Backups

3Wong.com provides fast and affordable repairs of any and every desktop, laptop, or mobile device. We work with both Microsoft and Apple operating systems. We breathe new life into older systems through practical upgrades. We recover data from crashed storage drives. And we set up backup systems that will keep your information disaster–proof.

Installation, Configuration and Networking

We set up any and all tech systems: computer, phone, and security. We build high–speed Internet networks that play nice with multiple devices and are expandable. We configure software and hardware for any job, from accounting to inventory management and POS. We also migrate your old data and can even train your staff.

Creative Tech Solutions for Small Businesses

Technology can help you create a “virtual office” where people anywhere in the world can collaborate in real time on the same projects, without an endless clutter of emails. It can also let you access any file on the road, connect to clients without long distance charges, enjoy easy online accounting, invoicing, and payroll, and take advantage of many other solutions.

Web Development and Online Marketing

We build mobile–friendly websites, e–commerce websites, and custom apps for both local businesses and online merchants. We also provide affordable hosting and website maintenance. Need help getting noticed? Then you need us to help with SEO, PPC and other online marketing strategies.

IT Consulting and Advisory Services

Our broad IT expertise can offer the insights you need to tackle your IT challenges. We often help companies that are on the verge of expanding. We provide objective, impartial advice for hardware vendor and software selection. We help clients evaluate the usability, applicability, maintainability, and cost–effectiveness of different IT options. We can even manage the entire RFP process.