Our business is all about helping small businesses make use of technology. Most small businesses operate leanly. There is little to no budget for in–house IT staff and no room for IT mistakes. We understand this, so we are more flexible than other IT solution providers.

You choose what you need from us. We structure the most affordable way to deliver it, from a simple per–incident fee to a flat monthly retainer for managed IT support services.

No–Risk Transparent Pricing

We don’t lock you into long–term contracts for services you may not really need. We keep pricing simple and transparent. Clients can choose to work with us by the hour, by the project, or by retainer. It’s up to you and your budget. Regardless of the fee structure, we focus on making sure you receive an honest value for your money. Do you really need a more–expensive brand part or will an OEM part last longer and cost less? Will the cheapest brand wind up being more expensive later because it requires more maintenance? Do you need onsite assistance or will remote support do the job more quickly and efficiently? We want to be your long–term IT solution provider, so that means developing a relationship with you based on trust and integrity.

Your Outsourced IT Department

Back in the day, technology was relatively simple. A small business might have one person who managed its Windows desktops, printers, and phones. Today, the range of technology solutions is much broader, requiring specialized expertise. This usually places cutting–edge technology beyond the reach of small businesses with limited budgets. For example, as of 2014, an expert in cloud computing commanded a salary of $101,400. Other staff salaries are generally in the $80,000 to $90,000 range for top technicians and engineers.

To have the in–house equivalent of 3Wong.com, you would have to spend more than $2.3 million on annual salaries. With 3Wong.com, you can get the same expertise for less than $6,000.

Yes, the actual cost varies depending on the challenge. Data security is a more complex problem than a hard drive replacement. Virus removal is usually less challenging than isolating a system Trojan. But the point holds true… as an outsourced IT department, 3Wong.com gives you access to enterprise–class expertise for pennies on the dollar.

We share services among many clients, so we can keep costs down for everyone.