I was looking for professionalism, and good taste, and hiring Chinito from 3Wong.com was one of the best business decisions we made. Chinito is always on time delivering results, and any crazy ideas you may have, he manage to make it a reality, plus whenever unsure of how to proceed he always gives the best advice.

Our business is doing so much better since he built our website. We are very satisfied.

If someone is looking for a web designer I recommend 3Wong.com 100%.

Thank you Chinito.

Dy.Clan Dance Studios

I’m so happy to find 3Wong to help me with my eCommerce store website. I use Shopify and thought that I could set it up myself following the tutorials but in my experience, it is not as easy as they say.

Not only did it take a long time to figure things out but I had too many questions how to set up the credit card service. Chinito was very patient and understood my needs. He made sure the credit card service works properly and also created a beautiful layout of the store front. My website is working smoothly.

Chinito is very professional and honest. Highly recommended.

Handmade Limited Collections

One word: perfection.

3Wong.com finds every way to make their customers satisfied with their work, from finding the smallest detail that you may have missed to going above and beyond with making your idea come to life.

I couldn't have found a better company to have built a website from scratch.

Thank you 3Wong.com for working with us and keeping our website beautifully updated throughout all of these years.

Karibe Dance Studio

3Wong.com has been a great company to work with for my small business, they are precise with their work as well as have great and most importantly fast customer service. It is very easy to reach out to them to make updated changes on my website.

They truly know the importance of running a small business as well as respect our needs to make it successful on their end.

The workforce would be a better place if everyone worked as well as they do.

Thank you 3Wong.com!

Musa Miami

So incredibly satisfied with my website! Chinito made it perfect and included everything I asked for. 10000% recommend 3Wong.com to those who are looking to build a website for their company or anything else.

Salsa Onyx Studio

Our workstations were very slow, and they helped optimize them in every possible way to make them run faster. From my personal experience I believe they’re very knowledgeable, they constantly contribute to ideas and solutions that we aren’t aware of.

The cloud-based solution was an extraordinary idea that allows us access from anywhere, even from mobile. We are also very impressed with our logo design, thank you very much!

Working with 3Wong.com is an excellent experience because they always go the extra mile.

I would recommend their services to everyone because even though you contact them for one issue, they will advise you on areas of improvement to make your business technology–successful.

American Cargo Group

3Wong.com showed the utmost professionalism, care and dedication to our custom project. With their help we were able to launch a sophisticated and personalized website that caters to our clients and surpasses their expectations.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank 3Wong.com and their technicians for all their hard work and the commitment they’ve showed to our company.

Eagle Documents

3Wong.com is a terrific company, with knowledgeable staff that truly care about what they do. They are clear and reasonable in their pricing, provide prompt and efficient work, and understand the client’s needs. Computer networking and websites can be very tricky; 3Wong.com takes care of it for you.

Working alongside you in developing my organization’s website, Shower with Blessings, was a wonderful experience. Through this website, you have endowed me with a fabulous treasure: the ability to impact society in a meaningful way.

Thank you.

Shower with Blessings